3 Childbirth Surprises

As a newly pregnant woman, you will hear and read so much about being pregnant and the whole childbirth process. Nothing can truly prepare you for the real thing! Not to mention, everyone’s experience is different. These are my top 3 surprises about childbirth!

The first thing that no amount of reading prepared me for was the constant urge to go to the washroom. I hadn’t made it to the hospital yet but labour had started and I felt the need “to go” every couple of minutes.

The next thing I was not prepared for was the epidural. Not the actual needle itself, but ho

w the drip gave me the shakes! My body was trembling uncontrollably as if I was extremely cold.

The third thing I definitely was not prepared for was getting sick. After I had the epidural and took a bit of a nap (I hadn’t gotten much sleep the previous night), I woke up and within a few minutes I barfed all over myself. It was very embarrassing but I found out later that it’s actually very common and MOST women experience this.

These are a few different websites I found to be very helpful in preparing for childbirth!

If I could go back and change anything from my pregnancy, it would be to worry less. I was so worried about every little thing. I was constantly reading books and articles online and talking to any friends or family who had children and obsessing over every little detail. I now know that none of that would prepare me for the real thing. Plus everyone’s experience is different. My advice to women out there going through pregnancy is to enjoy the pregnancy as much you can! Don’t stress over the little things so much! It really won’t do you any good or the baby!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience! Until next time.

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