If you’re anything like me, then you LOVE finding a good deal. I am all about saving a few bucks when I can. However, I am not really a mall person so I tend to shop online any chance I can. I hate being in a small space surrounded by so many people so shopping online is so much easier and more convenient for me. In this post I will give you a few EASY tips to shop smarter online and save more money $$$. Who doesn’t like saving money?

One of my favourite tips for shopping smarter online is to download coupon hunter. Coupon Hunter is an add on for your desktop browser. It takes literally a minute to download and it adds an icon next to your search bar at the top of the screen. When you are shopping anywhere online, you can click this icon and it will bring up a list of discount codes that coupon hunter finds online for you to help save you extra money. Simply click on the discount you want to use and apply it to your order.

My next piece of advice for shopping online is to make sure you always use ebates! Ebates gives you cash back on your online purchases. First set up your ebates account, mine took me about a minute to set up. Then log into your account and search the store you want to buy from and continue shopping from there. Every store gives back a different percentage of your purchase into your ebates account. My last online purchase gave me 12% of my order back which worked out to be $14 back into my ebates account. Ebates does not have every site you might be looking to shop at, HOWEVER, it does have a lot of the more popular sites. My personal favourite online shops are Lululemon, Amazon, Ebay, Sephora and American Eagle, which are all a part of ebates! There are so many more sites then this as well.

I hope these Shop Smarter Online tips help you save some cash money $$! Be sure to check out my last Thrifty article about how I make extra cash by clicking here.


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