When I first seen the Honest Company diapers online after I found out I was pregnant, I knew I HAD to try these diapers out. The patterns are adorable, how could I resist. So I ordered my free sample kit which comes with a handful of diapers for you to try as well as some bath and cleaning products. My SO and I really liked the diapers. They did not leak with our son, who leaked through EVERYTHING. We tried huggies, pampers, kirkland and the life brand and nothing seemed to hold up.

Once we tried our free sample diapers from Honest Company, we knew we needed to buy more. I was a little skeptical because I thought we could get the diapers cheaper to be honest (no pun intended). So we signed up for a subscription box and I have to say I thoroughly enjoy the fact that they just show up and we don’t have to go out of our way to go to the store and pick up diapers and wipes. Plus the prints are so much cuter then anything that pampers or huggies have.

You can also find the Honest Company Daipers on Amazon if you don’t want to do a subscription.
Honest Company Diapers on Amazon

Of course my favourite thing of all is….NO LEAKS!! Very rarely does my 14 month old son leak out of these diapers, and the material inside stays really dry so he hardly gets any kind of rashes from these diapers as well.  I also love that these diapers and wipes are natural, this is a huge bonus for me because I can feel good about using these on my son.

Now you might be thinking, “does she have anything bad to say?” Well the answer is YES! YES I DO! Like the title says, this is an HONEST review about the Honest Company. My one complaint I have with this company is the fact that they make returns from Canada very hard. I spoke with several people from the company because I had ordered the wrong size and called them only a few hours later when I realized it, and they said the package was already getting ready to ship (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!) and they told me they would contact their carriers and have it brought back. A few days later the package shows up at my house (which was not my original shipping address), so I called them to see why I still got the package and they told me the guy I dealt with previously had gone home and never got in contact with the carriers. They told me I would have to go to the United States to send it back, which blew my mind! Why would I have to go to the states to send and item back to them? I also did not like that they automatically shipped to my billing address and not the actual shipping address I had provided for them on my previous order. After about an hour on the phone with customer care I received a 60% discount which was nice in the end. I felt I went through so much hassle to get there.

So my advice is to make sure you are reviewing your orders very carefully if you will be shipping to Canada because getting a refund or returning an item is very difficult with this company. However, their products really are amazing!

For any more questions and inquiries about my experience with these products or this company, feel free to drop a comment! Check out my last blog about shopping smarter online HERE!

My niece, left and my son, right, and their happy bums 🙂

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