Do you ever feel like you have zero motivation to workout? No matter how many tips and tricks you have tried? WELL YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Getting yourself motivated to get your butt in gear and workout can be really challenging! I found it challenging to motivate myself even before I had a child, let alone now that I have a busy one year old AND work two jobs. These are my tricks I use to help keep myself on track! I realize these tips may not work for everyone BUT it does work for me and I have always been the kind of person who finds it hard to find motivation to workout.

The first thing that has helped me SO MUCH, is keeping a journal! I went out and found a really cute notebook and I started writing down what I was doing. I know it sounds so simple but it helps me to push myself a little more. I like seeing the lists of things I am doing during the day. If my list looks small it motivates me to add more to my list! I think seeing it laid out in front of me really puts working out into a different perspective and makes you feel more accomplished. Writing everything down also helps me to make sure I am doing a well rounded workout and not focusing too much on one part of my body and really making sure I am using every muscle during the week.


My Notebook <3 from Urban Planet

This sloth one from amazon is really cute as well and inexpensive!

My next big trick is to scroll through the instagram trending or search section because there is always fitness photos in there. Seeing people in great shape with a look I want to achieve helps motivate me. It’s so easy to get off track with diet and exercise so physically seeing the body I want to achieve helps keep me on track. It pushes me that little bit further to reach my fitness goals. This trick doesn’t take long to apply to your routine and I have found it to be effective in motivating me!

I have one more BONUS trick! Now this trick isn’t necessarily about motivation but it’s something extra I do during the day to help my fitness journey. This may sound silly to some people but I’m just going to throw it out there anyway! Since I drink a ton of water (having a baby didn’t help either) I tend to go to the washroom quite a few times during the day, and I have trained myself to do a mini workout every single time I go to the washroom! Sounds kind of silly, but hey, it’s better then nothing! My routine consists of 20 squats, a 30 second wall sit, and a set of 10 march with a twist (engage abs, bring arms up behind your head and bring elbow to opposite knee).


These are a few of my favourite fitness youtubers who help motivate me as well!

Sarahs Day – She is a young lady from Australia who youtubes mostly about healthy eating, gut health and fitness. She is quirky, funny and always SUPER positive.

Get Fit with Whit – Whitney Simmons is from the United States and puts a fun spin on fitness and healthy lifestyle. She always makes me laugh but gives such amazing advice.

For some fun and positive workouts check out my sisters facebook page HERE, she gives refreshing and honest advice and motivation to her followers. CHECK HER OUT!


Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and I hope this helps you reach your fitness goals and find motivation to workout! Share with your friends to help motivate each other and get yourself on track! Check back to my page in the next couple of weeks to see more on my fitness journey! <3

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Another notebook! It helps give me more motivation to workout when the notebooks so cute !


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