This article about yoga helping me recover from pregnancy is not only for all the mama’s out there but also just anyone with back pain, sore or stiff muscles or even depression! Of course, I am NOT a doctor, I’m just a chick who had a baby who wants to share her experience with Yoga after pregnancy!

When I was pregnant, I had very awful back pain near the end from putting on that 45 pounds of beautiful pregnant belly! When I did finally have my son, I had an epidural (props to any moms who gave birth naturally!) and that contributed to some back pain after having him. On top of all that, carrying around a baby all the time did not help with my already weak and sore back. Your back really takes a toll during pregnancy and the earlier stages of your child’s life when they still need to be held and carried around a lot.

For the first couple of months, I won’t lie, I had a really hard time finding the time and energy to do any kind of working out besides walking. I hadn’t figured out a routine with the new baby yet plus my body was still recovering from that 34 HOURS OF LABOUR! Worth every minute and all but WOW, not the most fun!

Once I finally got a somewhat routine down and I knew my son would sleep at certain times, I started implementing yoga into my daily routine. I started with really light yoga at first to get myself into it and not over exert myself. I really enjoyed the 30 Day Yoga Revolution with Adriene. This yoga channel not only helped with my back pain, but also helped to keep me positive because I didn’t feel like myself after having a child. With all of the negative things going on in my life lately, she has STILL helped to keep my attitude positive. She is always so positive and funny sometimes too! Definitely worth checking out!

Adriene from the 30 Day Yoga Revolution

So, with the 30 Day Yoga Revolution, I eased my way in by doing each daily yoga routine two or sometimes even three days in a row if I found I really struggled with any position. Of course there were some days that I missed or I would switch it up and do a different yoga video. I tried as hard as I could to do it every day and still do! I found it made such a difference in how my body felt, both inside and out! I felt so good and calm when doing yoga. With my crazy busy routine, I need to real it in sometimes and mellow out. It is worth taking a half hour out of your day to commit to this, and of course, work at a level you feel comfortable with.

The yoga mat I use is from lululemon, but you could also find cheaper alternatives on amazon which you can find linked below!
amazon yoga mats

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! I hope you can find time to add yoga to your routine to better yourself both inside and out!

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