Behind the Scenes: My Envious Worthy Long Hair Care Routine

Okay, so maybeee that title is a touch arrogant but I do get a lot and I mean A LOT of comments on my hair on a regular basis. My friends and family are constantly saying how jealous they are of my long hair so I thought I would do a breakdown of my hair care routine for everyone. Now I am not saying that this hair care routine will be best for everyone because everyone has different types of hair. I have dry, thick, colour treated, frizzy hair. This is just the routine that has been working for me, so if you have similar hair to me then maybe some of the things in my routine will work for you.


Since I have dry hair, I do not wash my hair everyday or even every other day. I only wash my hair once or twice a week, which some people may think is gross but this is what works for me. The more I wash my hair, the more dry and frizzy it gets. I like to let my natural oils get in my hair because it keeps it looking healthier. When I do wash my hair, I have really been enjoying the TRESemme Keratin Smooth collection as well as the Split Remedy collection shampoos and conditioners. They are inexpensive (since this gal is on a BUDGET!) and they work just as good as higher end products. In my opinion at least. When I am feeling fancy and wanting to splurge I usually go for the 12 second miracle shampoo and conditioner by Marc Anthony. It is kind of expensive so I don’t buy it often, but if I see it on sale I buy that shit upppp. It’s such a great product and makes my hair so soft and smooth.

I always make sure that when I am applying shampoo to my hair that I give my scalp a nice, long massage as well. Which may sound kind of silly, but it feels really good since my hair tends to be very heavy on my scalp and it ensures that I have cleaned all the build up in my hair as well. When I condition my hair, I use a brush in the shower to smooth the conditioner over every strand of hair. Then I let it sit in my hair for about 3-5 minutes while I shave my legs and then rinse it out.


Once I have washed and conditioned my hair (which I usually do in the evening) I will let my hair air dry a bit until it is just slightly damp. Then right before I head to bed I use about 3 pumps of the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Protector and work it into my hair from the roots to the tips. I was skeptical about this product before I bought it so I got a sample of this from my local Sephora and I immediately went online after and ordered it. That’s how much I like this product. And no, I am not sponsored by Living Proof, I’d love to be but I’m not. My hair looks shinier in the morning and feels very soft and smooth. I also find my hair styles better after I have used this. It doesn’t feel heavy in your hair and doesn’t have a weird smell, it smells very fresh and clean.

I very rarely blow dry my hair because it damages my hair so much and makes it really poofy. I try to avoid it as much as I can to keep my hair looking its best. I do, however, straighten my hair on occasion but I try to make the straight hair work for me for a few days. I probably straighten my hair about once a week. I never straighten my hair without product in it. I like using argan oil on my hair before I straighten to help protect my hair from any heat damage. I have tried many different brands of argan oil and find them all to work the same, so I do not have a preference in brand.

HONESTLY, I do not brush my hair as often as I probably should because brushing my hair makes me hair very fluffy which I HATE. I brush my hair about every other night before I go to bed because I find sleeping on the brushed hair tames it down a bit so it isn’t as fluffy by morning. I do massage my scalp pretty much every day and the end of the day where I run my fingers through my hair and really massage my head because it feels good and I feel like it really stimulates the roots and helps my hair grow (I am not an expert so this could just be in my head *pun intended*).

About once or twice a month I like to do a hair mask just to keep my hair healthy and shiny. When I am ready to wash my hair, I will slather my hair with coconut oil and then pin my hair up in a bun and let the coconut oil soak into my hair. I usually let it sit for about an hour or two and then wash it out with shampoo. I find that my hair is so smooth after doing this and my hair looks its healthiest.

Almost every single day no matter how I have styled my hair that day, I always finish it off with a dry oil misted over my hair. My favourite one lately has been the Renewing Argan oil of Morocco weightless healing dry oil by Organix. It smells yummy and tropical.

That pretty much sums everything up for my hair care routine! My hair may be long and people always say how much they love it, but it takes A LOT of work to keep it looking this way. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to respond as best I can! I hope you all can take something from this post to help in your hair care routine!

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